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Cardano(ADA) vs USD {Long}

Note: I am not an expert trader, so i do not guaranteed any profit from my trades. This is just how i do my trades, find your own style and apply it to it.

It looks like we are seeing a nice development in Cardano (ADA). As you can see the nice triangle is forming and i am going long with the trade.

The Holding will take place maybe in 2 days and see where the trend leads us. I am optimistic about this trade, and it seems that i will set up a nice profit from it. If the trade breaks through, meaning that the support will turn into a resistance in the next few days, then i will keep holding until i see a signal that it will go down.

Also, I am waiting for a signal at the place i have set up a buy point. Whether is a hammer or a three black crows, it will give me a nice go right in the door my love type of feeling. We will see how the trade goes in my opinion.

Happy Trading

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