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Note: I am a beginner in trading. My advice is not guaranteed to make you money, but a lesson on how I read the charts. Trading is a risky behavior, so trade only what you can lose.

Hello Fellow Crypto Traders

Today is Friday January 22, 2021 at 12:51 Pm Central Time

 We are looking at “Currency” right now and it looks like there is not entry point for LTC/USD for the 30-minute mark. There is a possible short point at the 149.39 price range.

 So there a possibility to go long with this trade. Since right now is at 139.47. Right now, will be a good possible entry point.

The other one will not be available until 7 :00 Pm tonight as we see in the picture above. The short point is estimated at 2:00 A.M today. So be aware.

That is it for today we will analyze the price later and come back with an update.

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