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Is it Profitable to Run a Bitcoin Validator Node?

The bitcoin’s health is dependent upon how the people are running the decentralized network by being participants in the ‘Bitcoin node’, where it varies in size. A node is represented in different ways, for instance, a single individual with a laptop can represent it for a symbolic purpose or it can even have a massive bitcoin mining farm gathering a large percentage of the bitcoin’s hashing power. The Bitcoin nodes keeps the blockchain’s peer to peer network running.

A complete bitcoin node will validate blocks and transactions. The Node also helps the network to take transactions and blocks belonging to other nodes, to validate and block, then relay them to the other nodes. This is the most used functionality of the nodes other than maintaining a healthy Bitcoin network, these full nodes also have a built-in wallet functionality.

You can earn through validator nodes in these ways:

Increasing the fee

If you want to participate in the lightning network, that requires technical knowledge and a lot of digital storage capacity. Anyone who wants a lightning payment will need to download bitcoin’s transaction history which is around 200 GB of data along with the lightning software.

There are almost 3,000 nodes on the network. After obtaining a node, the user would need to change the default fee feature, that is set to zero. The LND implementation of lightning, which is the popular one, the ability to change the fee and the monitor is relatively new.

Previously, it was unable to see what type of fees you were earning through LND, but the recent feature would spur more fee activity.

Reasons for fees

Where it is impossible to know how the market would evolve, the developers believe that there are good reasons to allow for fees.

The network requires liquidity. Every lightning node has some amount of “liquidity”, or the amount of money that can be routed through it based upon the money the operator has tied up in the channel. The channels that have more money would be able to support bigger payments and because of that they would be able to charge more for the hops

Indirect benefits

Nodes do not serve too much benefit but having a mining machine has its own profits as it comes with coin rewards and subsequent profits, where the value goes up. Bitcoin nodes has its own indirect benefits. For instance, it increases the security of the transactions that is conducted by the user. This is also important when there are multiple transactions in a day. You will have all the latest information about the bitcoin’s blockchain if you download a full node.

A full node serves two main purpose of for the investors. The first is that it will help to monitor the health of the bitcoin’s blockchain. As the blockchain has the direct bearing on the bitcoin’s price as it processes the transactions – both commercial and trading related. The nodes also secure the safety of the investment. Lastly, it ensure valid and accurate bitcoin trading transactions.

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