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Cryptocurrency has been the center of attention in the past few years. Bitcoin reaching $20,000 USD per in 2017 has brought strong attention to all corners of the world.  There are more options than just Bitcoin. There is Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, Chainlink, and many other coins. Making very popular in recent years to buy cryptocurrency.

The first thing is first, to buy cryptocurrency you need a crypto wallet. There is a list of the best crypto wallets here.  And after that is finding a reputable exchanger to buy them safely. Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.



Coinbase is the biggest crypto exchanger in the United States. Covering a number of crypto coins for you to buy/sell or exchange from crypto to crypto. Coinbase offers a wallet and the purchase of cryptocurrencies, making it a one stop shop for buying and storing your coins.

            You can buy digital coins with credit card or Bank account transfer. You will have to verify your account with Government Issued ID in order to prove your identity. After that you reach a $750 a week with debit card purchase, and $25,000/ day with bank deposits. Also, you are able to withdraw $25,000/day via PayPal and wire transfer.

Coinbase will charge a 1.44% fee for every bank transaction and 3.99% fixed fee for credit/debit cards. Also, they have a $250,000 cash balance insured in case of malicious attacks, theft and breaches on their online platform.

They are overall the best crypto exchange in the US providing with security and easy access to digital currency.

Cex.IO is a cryptocurrency exchange based off of London, England. It was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing a nice cloud mining platform. It started with the name of, but since the price of Bitcoin was very low at the time. They decided to stop all operations with the cloud mining platform and decided to focus only on cryptocurrency exchange. was born.

They have a wide variety of cryptocurrency to buy. It includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Stellar, Zcash and many others. supports British Pounds (GBP), US Dollar (USD), Euros (EUR) and Russian Ruble (RUB).

Cryptocurrencies can be bought with visa and master card credit card or debit card, bank transfer (ACH/SEPA), Faster payment service and Skrill.

The fees for Visa and Mastercard debit/credit card are 2.99% per transaction. Skrill’s fees are 3.99% and it does not support Russian Rubles (RUB). Bank transfer and Fast payment do not include any fees to buy from platform.

While the withdraw fees are .3% + 25.00 pounds with bank transfer none for ACH, 1% for Skrill, and none for faster payment service. Visas/MasterCard fees varies. has great variety of fiat-cryptocurrency pairs which helps to lower down the fees. Also, the company is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on the web, so it is a trust worthy and secure company.

Live trading platform

Coinbase pro

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase pro is a nice platform for those day traders. They offer a variety of live charts with up to a day. The coins are purchase through Coinbase, so the fees are the same as Coinbase. The chart will give you a really great inside on the crypto trading.

Coinbase pro offers order book, and order history in order for you to make a smart guess and execute the right trade on live time.


E-Toro Cryptocurrency Exchange

 E- Toro is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms on the market. A $200 minimum deposit is required to start trading any type of cryptocurrency that you want. Once you deposit it you can start trading immediately.

E-Toro offers a great tool that lets you copy trades from other traders at real time. That way is great for beginners’ traders that can learn from the pros by copying their trades. Another thing is the fact that E-Toro does not allow for automatic trades, so all traders will have to put manual trades on it. Meaning that it will be a good chance to gain some experience.

E-Toro offers no fee for receiving and sending transactions, the only fees you will get will be from the blockchain.

Bottom line

Cryptocurrency exchange are one of the major players in the digital world. They offers security and privacy that goes beyond the regular centralized banks. Offering two factor of authentication on every sign in, and allowing you to always make sure that you are the one signing in keeping your money safe and secure.

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