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Beware of Moon Bitcoin Awesome Live

Due to Coronavirus many companies have closed their doors, the stock market has been crippled, and with them causing multiple people to lose their jobs. It has caused individuals to look for alternatives to make money. Unfortunately, these desperate times have caused a number of scams to start coming afloat. One of them is the Moon Bitcoin Live Awesome Investment

The website promises to multiply your bitcoins in as little as 24 hours. It seems like easy money, and many people that are desperate will fall for the scam. The website is not some low-quality spammy website, and it has referrals of bitcoin addresses doubling the coins live. They even have an affiliate program (YOU BASTARDS 😊). It might seem legit, but when things are too good to be true is because they aren’t.

            Red Flags


Not matter how good someone elaborates and deploys the scam; they are always going to have some sort of warning. Like the Mage said in King Arthur, “When there is poison, there is a remedy”.  Here are the red flags of Moon Bitcoin

Bitcoin Investment
  • Asking for Investment upfront: The company ask for a minimum investment of .01 BTC about $90 USD, and up to 5 BTC. In order to encourage someone to make a large investment. It offers a 200% bonus for those investing .05 BTC or more.
bitcoin Escrow
  • No escrow service: They do not offer any type of escrow service for you to protect your coins. Once a person sends the Bitcoins, the transaction is complete.
Bitcoin no contact
  • No contact response: I contacted them asking about a few things that will keep my coins safe and they never responded to my email. A legitimate company is guaranteed to contact you back in order to build a relationship with you.

Fake Registration and Company Number

Moon Bitcoin Certificate

In the footer of the website it gives you a company number, They do that to make it sound legit, and to bring trust among it’s “Customers”, but in reality the website have one number on the footer, and another number in the fake certificate provided. None of those numbers are registered with that company.

The first number 10518084 is register to Crypto Zero Ltd and the second number 10714202 belongs to Bitcoin Finance Ltd. They are both a Bitcoin Investment company with physical addresses in the UK.

News Bitcoin reached to the Company House, The United Kingdom registrar of company. They claim that Moon Bitcoin is not registered with them. This leaves them to be just a website lying to their teeth in order to sound legit.

The bottom line is that beware of Moon Bitcoin Awesome Live. its only purpose is to steal the public’s money by promising something that is simply not true. Also, you have to think about if they can double the coins why are they asking for my money? Why don’t they double their own coins and keep making money that way? In reality, Bitcoin doubles are all a scam and there is no such thing as easy money in this world.

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