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Hello everyone, we are back at it again with our weekly report on how the cryptocurrency moved this past week. It was a nice week for out daily traders. For those who trade Bitcoin. It was an amazing week. Let’s find out why.

I use Coinbase for my trading expertise, all the data collected by me is from Coinbase. It might not be accurate. Everything was recorded on Monday, May 18, 2020, at 12:00 am Central time

We are starting with the top 5 gainers of the digital currency world.


Bitcoin had a bad 2 weeks ago with the market going down a very low point. Now, the Bitcoin market went up a nice +13.26%. Closing at $9,870.72 profiting at +1,155.62. a massive profit for those who trade over 1 BTC and above.


Hedge trade is a digital coin that has not been very popular. It was one of the top gainers, so we do not judge the coins. Any cryptocurrency can make you money. Don’t judge.

HedgeTrade closed at a value of $2.49 increasing a stunning +13.72% in the past week. Ending at a profit of $0.30 per coin. That is a great profit per coin. Do the math and see how much money you made.


Cardano is another one of those not so popular kids in school, but it has shown some potential in the past week. Increasing a nice +14.34 %. Finishing the race at $.05 with a profit of roughly $.01. for a coin that is 5 cents is a good increase.


Ethereum had the same fate as bitcoin. They seem to be together on this I believe. “Partner in Crime” ETH increased a nice +15.50%. Closing at $216.90, it profits about +29.10. great steady for a weekly trader.


It was the best performer of the week closing at $49.44 increasing at a +20.72% that is a ton for a digital coin. Ending on a profit of +8.49 per coin. Imagine buying 100 coins. Do the math.

Most popular coins

So now we are back at our usual popular coins. Since we cover Bitcoin and Ethereum in the previous section we will just cover the rest of them here.


Litecoin had a great week too but not as good as his two relative giants. It closed at $45.92 increasing the coin at +9.07% with a profit of $21.84


Ripple also had a decent week closing at $.20 cents a coin and increasing a 5.05% profiting at $.06

The market was amazing this week. Let’s hope it stays like that for those trading to make ends meet during this time. Stay safe and stay healthy


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