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Hello everyone, I am back with this week’s update on the digital currency market. I am going to start with something new this week. Since the market cap tends to be the same for the past weeks. I am going to introduce the top gainers of the week.  Let’s get the ball rolling.

I use Coinbase for my trading expertise, all the data collected by me is from Coinbase. It might not be accurate since Coinbase offers a small variety of digital coins. Everything was recorded at Monday May 11, 2020 at 12:00 am Central time

Dai (DAI)

Dai was one of the least gainers for the week only gaining about +1.23% percent of its actual price.  The price of the day is $1.0005 at the moment.  A profit of round up to $0.01 per coin

Chainlink. (LINK)

Chainlink moved somewhat this past week with only raising at +1.66% closing in at $3.78 profiting a $0.06 per coin. It might not be much but add it per coin. It would be quite a nice profit for small day traders.

Augur (REP)

Augur had a nice gain the last week. Going up a nice +10.85% per coin during the last week. Closing the week at $12.00 even with a profit of $1.31. That is a very neat profit per coin. You buy 100 coins. You make 100+ dollars. That is a gain.

Orchid (OXT)

Orchid has a nice boost up over the week with a +14.57% gain over the past 7 days. Closing at $.20 cents a coin. It profits $0.03 per coin. Given the value of Orchid is so low. You might make a nice buck out of it if you bought enough of them.


The Top gainer for the week was 0x closing at $.37 cents with a gain of a stunning +81.27%. almost 100 percent profit. Each coin profiting at $0.17. what a nice profit due to the fact that the coins are only a few cents.

That is it for the top gainers of the week and now we are moving on to the big dogs. Our popular and most used coins.

On this one, we will see Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero.

 Let’s start with


Monero met the face of the big cryptocurrency. It went down -7.48% closing at $57.77. Losing about $4.33 for the past 7 days.


Like the other coins, Litecoin had a lost and a pretty hefty one. Losing about -15.98% of the original price. It closed at $40.46 meeting a loss of $6.47. a painful loss per coin. Hopefully, we see green next week.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash did not have that much of a loss. It still had a pretty decent number of it. Closing a $224.04 for the week. And sitting at a loss of -11.17%. Losing a total of $20.58. that is a hefty loss for the day traders out there.


Ethereum was another digital coin that was hit for the week. It lost -12.91%.  Finishing the price at $183.10. losing a profit of $23.64. OUCH!


Last but not least. Bitcoin had a bad weekend just like its brother and sisters. If it makes you feel better, Bitcoin only lost a -4.30% for the week. Closing at $8,525.18 and with a loss of $366.58. For those who trade big in Bitcoin. I am very sorry. It is part of the game.

That is it for the weekly update on the digital currency world. Hope you guys enjoy my shift on total gainers. And how I pick some coins random. Let me know if you guys want to see an update on one coin and I will put it up. That is it for today.

Later everyone!

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